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magick_jrnals's Journal

book of shadows for beginners
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A reference and resource for wiccans, pagans, and anyone interested in magick
Ths community is open to posting by members, please feel free to post educational posts like i have been doing, as well as questions for help (though i would feel comfortable if no one here gives out spells as i've had bad experiences with spells off the internet--give correspondences good for the task needed) or debates/prompts.

This is not only my community, but also yours. Feel free to post at any time (there are no more moderated posts) about anything on topic.

All people are welcome! I'd prefer to keep things pertaining to paganism, wicca, magick, witchcraft and things of he like. If you find something that is none of these do not post unless it is somehow relevent. For example--post something like the 4 noble truths from Buddhism as it is similar to the pagan/wicca beliefs.

If you need help, ask. We were all new at one point. We have people here who are new and some who are old--we'll help you find the answer.

I want this to be a community where we all share and teach each other. Remain open and honest.

And please, no ads and no intro posts, we all hate it. If you wanna intro yourself before asking a question, make sure it's pertinent.

Thanks everyone and i look forward to all your posts.
I will add them in to the community memories so we have an easy way to access something if we need it.
If you don't feel like posting for help or anything, feel free to email me personally, i'll respond to you asap.
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